7 Clever Ways to Eat Healthy on a Tight Budget

Here are 7 clever ways to eat healthy on a tight budget. It’s a common misconception that eating well means your grocery list must be full of pricey ingredients you’ve never heard of. There are a whole load of fancy, expensive ‘health foods’ out there all trying to convince you that they’re the new must-have.  

That’s simply not true. If cost is discouraging you from trying to make changes to your diet then read on: healthy eating does not have to cost more.

1. Write a Grocery List

Draw up a weekly meal plan using up ingredients you already have and make a shopping list of any missing items. Shopping this way means you’re much more likely to buy what you actually need rather than what you think you need. If you’re following my program you’ll know that you get access to my weekly grocery shopping list so that you can plan in advance and keep costs down.

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Top tip: Try to steer clear of going food shopping when you’re hungry! People who shop when hungry are more likely to spend more, especially on less healthy foods such as sugary snacks.

2. Stick to Your List

Sounds simple but it works! Once you’ve planned your meals and made your grocery list, stick to it. Don’t get sidetracked with offers and unintended and expensive purchases. 

3. Avoid Waste

Be strict about only buying what you’ll actually eat. Plan your meals with all the ingredients you’ll need and try freezing any unused food. Food storage bags and boxes are perfect for your freezer.

4. Eat leftovers for lunch

Ever find yourself popping out to buy an expensive sandwich or salad for lunch? Why not try cooking extra portions for your evening meal so you can have the leftovers for lunch the next day? That way you’ll always have lunch sorted ahead of time and won’t have to worry about finding something healthy.

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5. Buy frozen

In my view, frozen fruit and vegetables are underrated. They are often cheaper than fresh varieties, they come pre-chopped and are just as good for you (as long as you avoid vegetables with added salt, sugar or fat).

Also, frozen vegetables are picked at the peak of freshness and then frozen to seal in their nutrients. It’s a win-win!

6. Eat More Vegetables

You’re probably aware that meat and fish are usually the most expensive foods on your grocery list. By adding more vegetables and less meat and fish to your cooking you can make your meals go a lot further. You could also try a few vegetarian meals a week to keep your costs down. 

7. Shop At Your Local Market

If you’re lucky enough to have a local farmer’s market near you then make sure you go and check it out! Doing your weekly shop at the market can often be a lot more cost effective than going to your grocery store. The produce is also more likely to be fresher and will have travelled less far. Going to the farmer’s market can also be a lot of fun! 

So there you have it, you don’t have to break the bank to eat well. There are so many ways to make sure you’re eating well on a tight budget, from meal planning to buying frozen and making clever choices when you’re grocery shopping.


If you are unsure of anything, want advice or just to share your progress I’m only an email away. You can get in touch with me at contact@alexia-clark.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Alexia Clark