Beginner Essentials For Starting A Gym Routine

Are you a newbie to working out and want to start doing gym routines? If yes, then read this article because we’ll help you gear up for your first-time gym time! 


It’s okay and normal to feel nervous or awkward during your first day because as the saying goes, “the only bad workouts is the one that never happened”. So, keep on reading this article as we discuss everything that a first-timer in the gym might need! 


Comfortable & Work-Out Friendly Clothes

Packing a few new clothes for your workout is not enough. The clothes you bring should not only be comfortable, but work-out friendly, too! Gear up with proper clothes to do workout routines properly and comfortably!


Water For Hydration

Make sure to bring a bottle or a Tumblr of water ALWAYS. Avoid getting dehydrated during your workout routines as it may lead to serious health complications. Hydrate, hydrate!


Quick Dry Towel

Even though most gyms offer towels for sale, it is not always guaranteed that they are quick drying. Plus, some gyms even charge times three of the actual price of the towel! Bringing your own quick towel doesn’t only help you keep fresh and clean during your workout, but it also helps you save a few bucks!


Shower Necessities

Most gym goers take a post-workout shower to keep their body clean and fresh, and if you want to do the same, then you have to bring your shower necessities! You can keep a small bag with shampoo, body wash, and anything else you want to use during a good and relaxing shower!


Headphones/Earphones To Keep You Motivated!

Good music will always help you get motivated while you hit the machines or do some workout routine! Bringing your favorite headphones or set of earphones in your gym bag will always be the best option!


Healthy & Fun Snacks

One of the best ways you can recover after a workout is by having a healthy and fun post-workout snack. When we say healthy, we meant snacks that are rich in protein. Some of the snacks you can pack are a protein bar and dry fruits! These snacks are not only delicious, but it speeds up the recovery of your body as well.


Important Reminders


Warming Up Is Necessary

Always remember to start your workout routine with aerobic exercises, such as leg kicks or basic stretching to help your body warm and prepare it for your set workout routines. Warming up before any workout routine will also help you prevent injuries, as well as muscle soreness after you do your workout.


Follow Gym Etiquettes

Never drop the weights or dumbells you used on the floor as it doesn’t only damage the weight/dumbells, but it may also cause you an injury or to anyone else inside the gym and distract other people in the area. If you want to return weights/dumbells, what you can d is slowly lower the weights/dumbells where it is placed. It is also gym etiquette to always put the weights/dumbells in the proper place after using them to keep the place arranged and hassle-free.


Also, if you want to ask for help from anyone, it’s fine. Just make sure you don’t pull them out halfway through their workout set. You may also find trainers around the area who are there to help you!


Consult With Your Doctor Before Starting Any Gym Fitness Routine

Always check with your doctor about your health and medical condition before starting any new gym fitness routine. You need to disclose all your basic and major medical conditions to your trainer because it can help you avoid injuries. 


If you have existing heat conditions, recent injuries, or major surgeries, then make sure to inform your trainer to help them create a suitable fitness routine for you.

Alexia Clark