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Hi! Thank you for checking out my workout program! This program is designed to be as strong and as versatile as you are, so I hand-craft every single workout to be unique. You’ll never do the same workout twice. No, really!

We all have busy lives, but we need to make time for ourselves, so I’ve built my program to fit around your schedule. My workouts can be done at home or at the gym. Both workouts focus on the same muscle groups and are equally mind-blowing, but rely on different equipment depending on where you are.

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I want to help you, not only achieve the results you’re looking for, but to maximise your results and maintain them. This will mean different things for different people, but whether you want to tone muscle, lose weight, increase your strength, or simply re-align your emotional and physical self, I can help you realise your fitness goals.

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Being a certified fitness trainer and nutritionist, I’ve been able to craft a holistic plan that will help nourish your body as we work to strengthen it. I will also be personally available via email to answer questions and give advice to you, individually. In short, I will be your personal trainer. Even with all that value, I want to keep my program affordable, so I price it at less than $1 per day, inly $29.99 per month. I hope you’ll give it a try and if it’s not for you, you can cancel at any time. I’d love to have you on the #QUEENTEAM!

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I’ve designed my home and gym program to be equally challenging and give you the same incredible results. Each day I will provide a new workout for both home and gym, the only difference will be which equipment you use!

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It’s natural to have questions, these are the ones I’m asked most about my workouts.

How does the exercise program work?

Each week there will be 5 totally new workouts. The exact format changes week to week, but a typical week might include 1 upper body workout, 1 lower body workout, 2 full body workouts and a Friday surprise challenge! My program is about building a healthy lifestyle and making exercise a habit which is why I release a new workout each weekday. I write each workout totally fresh the day before, and I’m always inventing new, exciting ways to challenge your body so you will never get bored following my program. You also won’t ever hit a plateau with my program. Did you know that if you don't mix up your workout routine your progress will flat line? The reason is that when you perform the same exercises repeatedly, they become easier over time and your body gets used to them. Your body can adapt to a workout routine in just 6 weeks! That's why it's so important to add variety into your workouts to keep challenging yourself.

How do I access the workouts?

My workouts (and meal plans) can be accessed via my website at You’ll need to log in before you can access the members area where you’ll find each day’s workout.

Is there an app for the program?

Right now we have an App for iPhones only, but if you are an Android user don’t worry the website functions in exactly the same way (and we are working on it :))

Can I do this program at home?

Yes! My program is all online so you can train anywhere in the world. My program includes both a home and a gym option for each workout so it’s perfect for working out at the gym, at home or when you’re traveling.

How long are the workouts?

There is a shorter and longer option for each workout so that you can choose either a 25-30 minute options, or 50-60 minute option.

How do I do the workouts?

Each day you have the option of a shorter or a longer workout, for either the gym or at home. The shorter workout is 2 circuits and I expect it to take you 30-35 minutes. The longer workout is 3 circuits with 2 optional circuits if you have a bit more time. I'd expect 3 circuits to take you 50-60 minutes and if you want to add the optional circuits as well add another 15-20 minutes. For each circuit you will complete each exercise in order for the number of reps indicated. For example, if circuit 1 includes squats, lunges, wall sits and burpees and it says circuit sets: 3, this is how you will complete the circuit: Round 1 / Set 1: Squats, lunges, wall sit, burpees Round 1 / Set 2: Squats, lunges, wall sit, burpees Round 1 / Set 3: Squats, lunges, wall sit, burpees That will complete the circuit and you will move on to circuit 2.

What equipment do I need?

That depends if you choose to workout at the gym or at home. If you ever don’t have any piece of equipment. For my home workouts you will usually just need: Dumbbells (light, medium and heavy) Chair/step/bench Long resistance band (light, medium) Mini band For my gym workouts you will usually just need: Dumbbells (light, medium and heavy) Kettlebells Barbells Bench/ step Cable machines Medicine balls/soft sand medballs Long resistance band (light, medium) Mini band Landmine I sometimes include a kettlebell or medball in my home program but you can substitute in a dumbbell or I will offer an alternate exercise. If you don’t have resistance bands yet, you can buy my resistance bands here:

Which weights should I choose for each exercise?

When choosing weight it always depends on the exercise and your fitness level. Form should always be your priority, and you should always be using a weight that challenges you without forcing you to complete the movement in an unsafe way. When I recommend reps for exercises, choose a weight that is challenging enough for you that the last 2-3 reps burn and feel challenging without sacrificing your form. For the timed circuits, choose a weight that is challenging enough to keep the movement fluid for the time, but again not sacrificing form. If you are not sure what weight to start with, always go lighter and increase the weight on the following circuit.

How do I make sure I am getting stronger?

You will become stronger in a number of different ways, muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardio vascular endurance and mental strength. For muscular strength you should make sure you are increasing weight on your second and/or third round for REP circuits (unless directed otherwise in circuit notes). When you increase your weight you should have to decrease your reps. If you feel that you can easily exceed the recommended REP range that is a great indicator that you should increase your weight. For muscular endurance, you should aim to keep your movements fluid and at a steady pace for your TIMED circuits. Try not to stop for the time stated in the circuit notes. To become stronger in this area try going a bit quicker to fit more reps in the time recommended. Your cardio vascular endurance will be built overtime from doing the workouts. Full body workouts will have a cardio element to them in timed circuits. Building your cardio vascular endurance is about being consistent. Mental strength is something you should be aware of. After each workout focus on celebrating your wins - no matter how big or small they are. Always leave a workout with positives - even write them down!

Should I warm up and cool down?

It's important to warm up before a workout and cool down after. I suggest taking 5-10 minutes to warm up your body before your workout focusing on mobility and blood flow. After your workout focus on some light movement with stretching and/or foam rolling to help prevent muscle soreness and tightness.

My gym is very busy, is it okay if I switch the order of exercises in the circuit?

It is okay to switch up the order of the exercises if it will help you better navigate your gym. Keep in mind, if it is difficult to get on a piece of equipment, you can substitute that specific exercise with the one given under the home workout. Also, don’t be afraid to work with someone and share a machine if you are both using the same machine.

Should I do extra cardio in addition to your workouts?

You don’t need to add in additional cardio with my program because cardio is built into the circuits I design. However, if you would like to add in some cardio as a warm-up or cool down before or after a workout, that’s fine too. I advise you not to do intense cardio training in addition to my program as your body needs time to recover.

How many days per week do you recommend I workout?

Personally, I try to move my body in some way 7 days a week because I feel better and have more energy when I’m active. I post my workouts 5 days a week, but if you have specific activities you enjoy, or want to repeat a previous workout on the weekends you definitely can. Listen to your body and make sure if you feel you need a rest day you take one!

What do you recommend I do on the weekends?

Workouts are posted 5 days a week (Monday - Friday). I leave the weekends open for you to do any activities you enjoy. Some people will use it as recovery and focus on yoga or stretching, while others might go for a run or swim or repeat a circuit from a previous exercise.

The circuits are taking me a long time to complete, is that normal?

It’s totally normal for my workouts to be taking a little longer while you're getting used to the new style of training and maybe need longer rest breaks between circuits. I strongly recommend you take your time and get your form right by watching my video demos and reading the descriptions of each exercise before you begin. Just keep going for as long as you have and don’t feel guilty if you don’t finish all the circuits every time - remember, the fact that you are moving your body and challenging yourself is THE most important thing. You will see results as long as you are consistent, and gradually you will find you get through more of the circuits.

Do you follow this program yourself?

Yes, I follow exactly the same program that I share with you - I love these workouts and I wouldn’t want to do anything else! You will see that I share the first circuit most days to my instagram stories (and I often give extra tips on form in those!), but I don’t stop after that circuit - I do the whole thing :)

When will I see results?

It’s important to understand that my program is about building a healthy lifestyle and making exercise a habit. There are no quick fixes when it comes to health and I’m building a program that you can stick with for the long term. We’re all different which is why we’ll each see results start to appear at different stages of our fitness journey, but I can guarantee that if you are consistent your body WILL start to change. You will have more energy, you will be stronger and if you combine the workouts with a healthy balanced diet then you will see physical change.

What does your program include?

My program includes 10 new workouts a week, 5 gym workouts and 5 home workouts for each weekday. The workouts are posted on my website. Each workout includes a video demonstration as well as a description for each exercise. The program also includes a new meal plan for every week day along with a grocery shopping list for the week. The meal plan consists of 5 meals for every weekday – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and 2 Snacks. With a membership, you will receive access to exclusive live videos where I share live workouts, Q&A sessions, and more!

I’ve lost interest in other programs, what makes your program different?

The great thing about my program is the variety of the workouts. No two workouts are ever the same which means you’re always being challenged both mentally and physically. Did you know that if you don't mix up your workout routine your progress will plateau? The reason is that when you perform the same exercises repeatedly, they become easier over time and your body gets used to them. Your body can adapt to a workout routine in just 6 weeks! That's why it's SO important to add variety into your workouts to keep challenging yourself.

I'm SO busy, how can I fit your workouts in?

You have the total flexibility to fit my workouts in either at the gym or at home. You can also choose to complete a 30 or 60 minute workout, whatever you can squeeze in.