3 reasons you might gain weight when you start an exercise program

Weight is not necessarily a good indicator of health. The size of someone’s body doesn’t say anything about their lifestyle, including what they eat, whether or not they smoke, so don’t get too focussed on the scales.

Remember that it’s very normal for your weight to change, in fact it can fluctuate between 5-10 pounds from day to day. So don’t get discouraged when you see your weight go up. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going in the wrong direction.

Here are 3 less obvious reasons you might be gaining weight…

You’re retaining water

Another reason you might have gained weight is because you’re retaining water. Did you know that water makes up about 65-90% of your weight? That’s why even a small variation in your water content can make a big difference on the scales.

Often your body will retain water when you exercise, this is totally normal and is actually part of the healing process. It’s your body’s way of getting glycogen to where it’s needed more efficiently.

You’re gaining muscle

Muscle is more dense than fat, but it takes up less space. What does that mean?

Well, if you gain muscle, the weight on the scales may go up even though you’re getting slimmer and more toned. You’ll probably find that you’re still losing inches from your waist and thighs.

That’s why taking progress photos is often a much better and more reliable way to measure your progress. Start by taking photos every 4-5 weeks at the same time and day of the week. Read my post on 5 empowering ways to measure your fitness progress

You’re not giving your body enough time to respond

When you start exercising, your body won’t always respond to it immediately. A lot of the time, your body needs to recalibrate itself. You may well have changed your routine and eating habits so you need to give your body a chance to respond.

I suggest you give yourself at least several weeks to let your body respond to the changes you have made. Remember, you didn’t gain weight in a few days so you won’t lose it that quickly either.

During your fitness journey you’re likely to have a few setbacks like illness or maybe even injury. That’s completely normal and should be factored into your plan.

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