5 empowering ways to measure your fitness progress

Whether you’ve been following my online program for a few months or your at the start of your health and fitness journey you probably began because you wanted to make a positive change. So, what’s the best way of measuring how far you’ve come?

It can be easy to fall into the traps that make it feel like you aren’t making progress. That’s why working out a way of measuring your progress towards achieving your goals in a way that’s empowering and motivating is SO important. Looking at how far you’ve come in order to see that your hard work is paying off makes a huge difference. But what’s the best way of doing it?

Here are my top 5 ways of measuring your fitness progress.

1. Track your workouts

One of the best things about following a regular workout program like mine is that you’re building consistency which will help you continue to get fitter and stronger over time. I really recommend that you keep track of each workout that you do. Whether you write it down in a notebook or keep track on your phone make sure you record each workout.

Write down how many circuits you got though, the time it took, which exercises you performed and how much weight you used. Keep a record of your rest and recovery days too as they’re all part of building your overall fitness!

The great thing is that it really doesn’t need to be anything complicated. It could be as simple as crossing off the exercises you do each day. The more consistency you have the more you’ll be motivated to keep it up!

2. Keep a journal 

Anyone who has been following me for a while will know that, when it comes to health and fitness, I talk about building a long term habit, not a quick fix. I find that a good way to build that habit is to keep a ‘feel good’ journal. I’m talking about a journal that you write in regularly to keep a track of your energy levels, overall mood and sleep quality.

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Have you thought about measuring your fitness by focussing on what you can do?
When you begin an online program like mine you may not be able to do a full press up. After a month or two, you may go back and test yourself and find that you’re a step closer than you were before, you may have even mastered it! Why not choose a challenge that you want to focus on like a pull up or how long you can hold a plank for and work on it over the next few weeks?


Taking regular photos of yourself throughout your fitness journey is a great way to keep track of how your body is changing over time. Sometimes it can be difficult to see the progress we are making until we look back at the photos and see just how far we’ve come.

If you’re going to take photos it’s important to remember to take them at the same time of day and ideally in the same light and clothing. Don’t be put off if it’s difficult to see change at first. Your weight can fluctuate daily by a few pounds depending on what you’ve eaten and drunk.


Another great way of measuring progress is to test yourself with a regular fitness challenge. You could try doing the same challenge at the end of each month to see just how far you’ve come. Remember, I always release a monthly challenge for you. The challenges are designed to be tough and put you through your paces, so why not pick your favourite one and repeat it on a monthly basis.

Keep track of how you’re progressing and when you’ve improved so much that you’re getting through it no problem you can look to increase your weights or the number of reps.

I love to see how you get on with my challenges so please keep me updated on social media using #queenteam!

Tracking your progress is an amazing way of helping you to focus on the bigger picture whilst making exercise more enjoyable and sustainable. However you decide to measure your progress it’s SO important to celebrate the small wins and really enjoy the journey. Reaching your fitness goal is about building a healthy, long term habit that you can stick to.

I know that when you build exercise into a healthy lifestyle you become more in tune with your health both physically AND emotionally. The change I really love seeing in the Queen Team is the transformation in people’s confidence!

As always, if you have ANY questions please email me. I love hearing from you and always answer your messages personally. Send me an email anytime at SUPPORT@ALEXIA-CLARK.COM.

Alexia Clark