How to Introduce Exercise to Your Weekly Schedule

Exercise is very important in everyone’s life. Along with eating a healthy diet, maintaining an active lifestyle should also be included within our top priorities in life. Most of the time, we make up excuses for not incorporating exercise into our daily and weekly schedules.


We get it, you might be having a hectic week, but that shouldn’t stop you from maintaining an active lifestyle. This article is written to help you introduce exercise to your weekly schedule for you to start living an active lifestyle for your overall wellness.


Start Small

One of the most effective ways to introduce exercise to your hectic weekly schedule is by doing or starting small. What do we mean by this? Go easy with yourself. Start with simple exercises, then try increasing them until you fully adapt.


Fitness is not just about how extreme the workouts you’re doing, but it is also about consistency and patience. By starting small, you are allowing your mind and body to adjust to making exercise a part of your weekly schedule.


There’s no need to lend an hour just doing exercises. You can still do exercises without freeing your time. Yes, for example, by using stairs instead of the elevator!


Adjust Your Time in The Morning When You Wake Up

There are people with very demanding jobs, making it hard for them to find time to exercise during the day. However, that should not stop you from exercising. There are still things you can do to be able to exercise during the day, such as waking up early.


You can wake up an hour before your usual wake-up time and take a morning walk/run or go to a gym nearby to do a quick workout. To make more time in the day, you can even prepare your workout clothes the night before, so that you can just grab them and go in the morning. 


Always Take The Stairs

Taking the stairs instead of an elevator/escalator is one of the easiest exercises without needing to free up your time. You can easily include it by taking the stairs when getting to work, going for lunch, or even during your shopping time on the wall.


Taking the stairs is a simple form of cardio training. It doesn’t only increase your heart rate, it also improves your bone health.



When starting, always remember to be easy on yourself, and it is always a good idea to start with simple and basic exercises. Plus, waking up earlier than your usual wake-up time lets you add more time to do some exercise during the day, especially if you have a demanding day job. Be patient and trust the process!


Alexia Clark