Why is Having a Variety of Exercises When Working Out Important?

We all know that working out regularly is good for us. It helps us stay fit and healthy. But have you ever wondered why it’s so important to vary the types of exercises you do?


Let me share with you my top reasons why you should be changing up your routines.


1. They Are The Key to a Healthier Lifestyle


It is very important for you to at least start doing the staple exercises— which are the squat, deadlift, pulls, and pushes—because aside from all other exercises that are born from these staple exercises—it is also a big part of your healthy lifestyle.


In addition—adding in a variety of different exercises is great to build your strength and breaking Plateaus. You can also try mixing up the way you do your staple exercises—such as going lighter, focusing more on volume, or focusing more on strength.


2. It Reduces Your Risk For Injury


Have you ever heard of “runners’ knees”? From the name itself—running is a common cause of a runner’s knee. The activity repeatedly causes stress on the knee joint—resulting in knee pain and swelling—which can be very uncomfortable!


When you do the same exercise or activity over and over again—your risk of injury goes up. The body gets used to the movements and starts to compensate for them by using different muscles. If you don’t change things up, your body won’t be prepared for sudden moves and will be more likely to hurt itself—ouch!


Rotate exercises or activities every then and now to decrease your risk for injury. However—this doesn’t mean that you have to go running after every week of lifting weights. It just means that if you mix up your workouts a little bit—you can avoid muscle overuse.


You can add squats to your current exercises. Squats burn calories—helping you lose weight—as well as—lowering your chances of getting an injury on your knees and ankles. As you squat—your bones, tendons, and ligaments around your leg muscle become stronger—taking some of the weight off your ankles and knees.


3. It Will Help Prevent Plateaus


If you suddenly stopped seeing results—then you might have reached a plateau. Plateaus are inevitable when you work out. This happens because as you continue with the same exercise routine—your body simply gets used to it. The exercise becomes no longer challenging enough.


When you want to reach new levels of fitness, switch up your routine in order to break through plateaus. After all—our bodies are amazing machines that can be pushed to new heights when put under stress through exercise.


Thus—one of the best things about push-pull training—is that you can see your results—such as how far you’ve come and how close your goal is. With the help of push-pull training, you can measure your progress based on the number of reps you’re doing and the weight you’re lifting.


4. It Will Give You a Well-Rounded Workout


Working out only one muscle group at a time won’t give you the whole picture when it comes to working out efficiently. So—when you work out with different exercises—you’re targeting different groups of muscles. By focusing on multiple muscle groups—you’ll burn fat more easily and improve strength, flexibility, and balance.


For example—hip hinge exercise can help strengthen your core—resulting in reduced back pain and improved balance. In addition—stronger core muscles can boost your fitness and athletic performance.


5. It Will Keep Your Workouts Fresh and Fun!


When workouts become boring and monotonous—they can actually lead to a decrease in performance over time due to a lack of interest or motivation. The brain loves novelty—so when you’re bored of something, it’s time for a change!


Variety helps prevent boredom and burnout by keeping your workouts fun and challenging. Try new workouts every few weeks (or even days). This is especially important for people who tend to stick with one routine for long periods of time (e.g., running)—but who want variety from their workouts now and then.


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Alexia Clark