Here’s why my program is the master guide to crushing your fitness goals

You may be wondering how my program is any different to all the other on demand fitness programs out there. Or you may be looking around, trying to weigh up which one you should go for. With so many to choose from I want to dive behind the scenes and show you all the ingredients that go into my program in order to make sure it helps you not only reach but exceed their fitness goals.

Did you know that I follow exactly the same program that I share with you? I love these workouts and I wouldn’t want to do anything else! You will see that I share the first circuit most days to my Instagram stories.

Before we jump in, here’s a quick reminder of how my program works;

Each week there are 5 totally new workouts. The exact format changes week to week, but a typical week might include 1 upper body workout, 1 lower body workout, 2 full body workouts and a Friday surprise challenge!

My program is about building a healthy lifestyle and making exercise a habit which is why I release a new workout each weekday.

Ok, so now you understand how it works, let’ take a look behind the scenes.

Four forgotten factors that have a big impact on your fitness progress.

The Masterplan

I have a master plan that sets the members up to achieve the best results possible. I write new workouts every day which allows me to focus on maximizing both short term and long term progress. 

If you follow my program, I guarantee you won’t ever hit a plateau. Did you know that if you don’t mix up your workout routine your progress will flat line? The reason is that when you perform the same exercises repeatedly, they become easier over time and your body gets used to them. Your body can adapt to a workout routine in just 6 weeks! 

Total Variety

The great thing about my program is the variety of the workouts. I’m always inventing new, exciting ways to challenge your body. No two workouts are ever the same which means you’re always being challenged both mentally and physically and you will never get stuck in a rut

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Maximum Impact In Minimal Time

I know just how busy my members are, trying to juggle kids, work and home life means that it’s not always easy to set a big chunk of time aside to workout. That’s why my workouts are designed to give you maximum impact in a small amount of time. 

You have the total flexibility to fit my workouts in either at the gym or at home with minimal equipment. You can also choose to complete a 30 or 60 minute workout, whatever you can squeeze in. My program is about helping you achieve long lasting results. I do this by ensuring that my workouts are something you can easily fit into your daily life and build a long term habit around.

Stick With It And You Will See Results

There are no quick fixes when it comes to health which is why my program is designed to be something you can stick with for the long term. 

We’re all different which is why we’ll each see results start to appear at different stages of our fitness journey, but I can guarantee that if you are consistent your body WILL start to change. You will have more energy, you will be stronger and if you combine the workouts with a healthy balanced diet then you will see physical change. 

While I’m not going to promise to “help you drop 10lbs in 10 days” (it’s neither healthy nor sustainable!) I do believe it is important to set yourself specific goals to help you maintain your new habit and keep motivation high.

I’m here to help you personally

I know that starting a new program isn’t easy and that you’ll probably have some questions along the way. That’s why I give you my direct email address so that you can get in touch with me any time. If you are unsure of anything, want advice or just to share your progress I’m only an email away.

If you have any questions please email me. I love hearing from you and always answer your messages personally. Send me an email anytime at

Alexia Clark