5 mistakes to avoid as a fitness beginner

We encourage everyone to get up and start being active. No matter what your fitness level is, there is always an activity out there that perfectly fits your skills and needs. If you’re a beginner in fitness and feeling a little lost, it’s okay. It’s normal. 


No one starts at an expert level. We are here to help you start your fitness journey! This article talks about the 5 mistakes you need to avoid as a fitness beginner. If you’re ready to learn more, then keep on reading!


Doing Extravagant Workout Routine

Having goals is vital to any fitness journey and these goals are what give you the motivation to do more. However, most beginners are doing far too much when starting. They may think that they will reach their goal faster and earlier if they do that, which is a no-no. Consistency and discipline are always the keys.


What happens when you overdo it, is your performance will decrease, increase your risk of injury, and you might experience longer muscle soreness. It may seem that you’re reaching your goals quicker by “doing more”, but in reality? You’re only beating yourself for nothing. Avoid excessive workouts and trust the process.


Setting Unrealistic Goals

The same with doing an excessive workout, setting unrealistic goals might cause you a setback. Yes, setting goals is vital for your journey towards a healthier version of yourself, but make sure your goals are realistic. Goals that you can meet based on your current fitness level


Setting up enormous goals can only lead you to disappointment and failure. Most beginners feel disappointment and failure because of a lack of improvement. Unrealistic goals can also cause frustrations, which in return burn out your willpower. Try setting up smaller goals and you’ll see how it boosts your confidence as you finish them while allowing yourself to set new ones.


Not Setting Priorities

After beginners et a goal, they tend to only work towards that thing and forget to prioritize other aspects of their fitness training. For example, beginners who want to start building a big chest may only focus on doing fly presses and pushups maybe because they think that it is the only way to build their pecs, which is NOT TRUE.


Shoulders and upper backs also play a crucial role in developing the chest area. So, if you are a beginner who is looking for quality results, make sure to do even workouts. Avoid prioritizing only one muscle group!


Exercising Without A Plan

One of the worst things that a beginner can make when starting their fitness journey is exercise without a plan. Exercising without a plan only leaves you roaming around the gym, leaving you lesser time to do an actual workout.


Exercising without a plan only results in one thing. NOT ACHIEVING YOUR FITNESS GOALS AT ALL. You can’t work towards anything without a system or a structure to follow. You will only be wasting your time and energy. It may be tough to plan a workout that fits your goals and skills by yourself, but you can always ask a professional! 


Doing The Same Routine Over and Over

Doing excessively of the same thing can establish counterproductively. What happens when you do the same workout routine over and over again is that your body becomes used to the intensity of movements. You may progress at first, but eventually, you’ll experience a fitness plateau. This means you might not regress or stop seeing any progress.


Every few weeks, try to alter your workout routine to astonish your body and introduce it to fresh obstacles to overcome. This will not only will push your body, but rather it will also stop you from getting bored of doing workouts.

Alexia Clark